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This ted talk by Louise Green! Excellent inspiration!!!


You guys are Awesome!!!

My husband and I headed out for a run this morning, great weather, feeling good….headed down the road. There is a woman setting up for a yard sale , we say goodmorning and she says “you guys are awesome”! I cheerily say “THANKS!” as I pass by.

Today that word Awesome hit me differently. Normally I don’t think I’m awesome. I can usually list 100 reasons why I’m NOT awesome! Today was not like that. As I ran around the corner I thought to myself hmmmm we ARE awesome. I would see you running and think that was awesome but I could never!!! Then I started thinking about me…. How awesome it is that my feet were carrying this body a pace faster than I ever thought possible. My lungs were filling with fresh cool morning air…so awesome. My curly hair…I have awesome hair! I kind of laugh to myself as I continue on. I think of how God has provided me with this body to do awesome things….my God is AWESOME! I hit 2 miles….this was awesome and the first time since I had been sick and struggling with med changes. 

Awesome is the word of today and really you have no idea how AWESOME that is!!!  


Balancing Act

Is it just me? Sometimes I feel like I am going insane! Between the pain in my hips, shoulders, hands, ankles and feet on any given day or sometimes all at once and then balancing a home, family, marriage,meal planning, a full time job, trying to stay active, cleaning, cooking, budgeting, doctor appointments, physical therapy, medication schedule, fatigue OH I’m sure I’m forgetting something……sometimes I think I might lose it! 

Please don’t think this is a gripe session because I am eternally grateful to God for SO many blessings in my life. Sometimes I sit and I think about a time when I was even conscious of my body parts…. Before pain… I didn’t think about the pain of taking a step, pushing myself up with my hands as I got up off the chair or couch, walking the stairs with no hip or knee or ankle pain. I miss those days so much! Arthritis is like this thing that’s always “there” annoying me. I try to open a jar of pickles and feel like a burden because I am asking for help! 

2012, 2013 and 2014 were stressful years in my life and very likely to have been the triggers that allowed my disease to finally be diagnosed 10/14. I am still searching for the right med cocktail….I have taken mtx, plaquenil, enbrel, now Humira. Enbrel worked for a period of time but then tapered off and I felt defeated but not destroyed. 

I have another appointment with my rheumatologist tomorrow and we get to discuss how I am feeling with the Humira and probably take two more shots to the lower back for the OA/spondylosis. Believe it or not I can’t wait for that…. It means a couple months of forgetting I even have a back. 😜

Running has freed me of so much of this balancing act. The fresh air, my feet light on the pavement, time to think, breath, be quiet and talk to God. I can sort out the insanity of life and for a few miles….just believe in me, the strength I never knew I could possess and feel that anything is possible if I can run. 

Anything is possible….and for another day, just for today, I can balance this….one moment at a time.

The struggle is ReAl but I will survive.

When I don’t feel well I do my best to listen to my body and take it easy since my diagnosis. If you read my other post –Stop trying to be Super Woman you would know that isn’t always easy for me. The hardest part is not being able to run! I want to become faster I want to become stronger and I want to do everything possible to keep this disease from debilitating me one day! 

I found this great read with a few guidelines 

So today I’m taking it easy and trying to remind myself the struggle is ReAl but I will survive….I will get to marathon status one day… doesn’t matter when as long as I get there and don’t stop moving!  


I have really Got to STOP trying to be super woman :(

I started physical therapy last week after my rheumatologist added osteoarthritis, and spondylosis to my list of diagnosis. So I thought today I could do an hour of therapy and then go run a 3 miler :-(! I soon discovered my knees and hips starting to burn and then my feet and ankles starting to throb. At first I was angry because I felt stupid for not being able to do this!!! Then I just got happy because my husband who had joined me for the failed run reminded me that last October I would not have even attempted a run!!! I have always believed I had to do everything and accomplish it -there was never a gray area – no room for change or modification either do it or fail ….. My life isn’t so black and white anymore…..RA is teaching me to take off the cape and put it away…..this is my new normal…..and that’s ok! 

Meal Prep Day

I have discovered that making lunches on Sunday sets me up for great success during the work week. Over the years I have read and followed others ideas for meal prep but in the wake of RA/RD I had to make it simpler! To much cutting chopping and work with my hands left me in pain and just wasn’t worth it!

SO I simplified the process. Yesterday I made black beans. I discovered Bilinski Sausages at my local Barons Marketplace that I use in some of the meals which keeps the process simple but keeps it healthy. Read about them here if you want! Chicken breast, veggies, spaghetti squash (husband cuts them), I use salsa for seasoning and yogurt dressings to flavor cucumber for a snack.

By keeping it simple but healthy I make the week easier without the worry that I will be stopping somewhere on my lunch break for a unhealthy drive thru meal! Keeping me healthy helps everything!!!

iI reuse plastic containers too! 🙂

Ready for longer runs with Fitletic

I have found that on around mile 2-3 I am wishing I had a quick drink to “wet my whistle”.  I found the Fitletic hydration belt at my local Running Center today!!! Plus I if a Easter coupon for $20 off!!!! Woohooo!!! Can’t wait to see how it works! I will let you all know tomorrow!!!!! 

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