A Girl and Her Daddy

My 40th year on this planet has been filled with life changing moments! I have changed jobs which included a change of industry, had a surprise birthday party perfectly planned by my husband, children and friends, and been surprised by my Dad and Step-Mom whom I have not seen in more than eight years. All of this in just the past few weeks! 

Life is too short not to enjoy all moments,big and small. God gives us blessings and miracles all of the time but the true miracle is in seeing them.

I feel like I am floating through my days on a cloud of excitement and blessings! When I come down from this high, I have no idea where my body will be with this disease but for today I absolutely do not care! I want to soak up every second of it all, I don’t want to sleep, I want to keep my Dad up all night and talk about nothing, I want to look at his face and memorize his facial expressions, his laugh, his jokes, his stance, his hands his eyes . I want to hug him one million times before he leaves Sunday. For right now I just want to be a girl with her Daddy. 


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