Small town = Soul renewed

I was raised in a small town….is that how a few country songs start? Seriously I was, raised in a small town down South. Once I was raised I married a Marine and left home. Two years later our daughter was born and 3 months after that we moved to California. That was MY choice, he wanted to move back to where I was raised. I wanted to get away from the small town life and do BIG things.

Twenty years later, two children, jobs, my husbands alcohol and drug addiction  (robbed us all of about ten of those years), sobriety and then a life better than I ever thought possible for where we had come from, then infidelity, and finally marriage renewal…whoa what a roller coaster! Oh and THEN RA and osteoarthritis……the ebbs and flows continue to this day.

What is the point of all of this? Life….what is our or better yet my purpose in this life? I have been pondering this over the last week while on vacation from our “life” away from the big city population 109,000 ish to a city of 3,709 folks. People are polite, not in a rush, they talk to you in the shops (not just to say hi). There are 100 times more trees than concrete and their wealth is in their families, their legacy and their land- not their 50-70hr per week careers, their 1 to 3 hr daily commute to work and back, $$$ in the bank, the size of their house or the cars and toys they have. 

People here still don’t lock their doors and some don’t even know where their house keys are!!! Sun tea is always brewing, meal time is family and friend time, Sunday dinner at someone’s house is still a thing and it’s part of the plan like waking up everyday, you do it and so does the rest of the family. When someone’s not home it’s still ok for your family members to just go in your house when your not there, well of course it’s fine, it’s family! 

Walks in the woods and down the “crik” Pants up to my ankles and then stepping a little deeper the cool water taking my breathe away. Watching birds fly and trees rustling in the breeze. Hearing family members offer their fishing boats and lake homes, come over for a fish fry. Their first thought is not, will they be able to afford to fix it if they break it, their first thought is hospitality. ❤️ A fishing pole in my hand, catching the first fish of the day….watching Uncle Tom in his fishing spot reel em’ in non stop and kind of smirk cause he knows how to do it better than the rest of us! Meeting Auntie Sharon who made me instantly feel like part of the family. Borrowing bikes so we had enough for 7 of us…again friends and family offered up…no one was concerned that their stuff was theirs and they paid for it…..if the world could be more like this everywhere…. oh and icecream in a town population 28, 5 restaurants and the Mayor is THREE! 

Arthritis has gotten to me a bit this week, fatigue, pain while holding a pole, issues with feet, hips and hands while bike riding….but I’d do it all again for the love and laughter and non judgemental ways of the people here. I feel like the lack of stress has actually kept my disease activity  on the low side because it is a huge trigger for me. 

I wish I could experience this more frequently but back to the concrete jungle I must go! My hope and prayer being that I can take home and keep with me …..all of this week. Happy Friday y’all make it a happy and peaceful one!!! I hope you find a way to renew your soul. 💕💕 can’t say I have found my purpose in this life but I sure think I’m a bit closer to it!


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