It’s the small things that can mean SO much!

Last Saturday I ran my first 10k it was HARD and it was AMAZING! Today I ran my second fastest 1 mile distance, my fastest 400 meters and my fastest 1/2 mile distance! Just as exciting!!!! Those small PR distances and times mean SO much to me! A stronger body, stronger lungs, clear mind, blood pumping moments I thought would NEVER belong to me!

The RA coupled with a 6.2 mile run last Saturday left my body in a depleted, swollen, exhausted way until Wednesday of this week. Despite biologics, rest, anti-inflammatory meds, and sleep I was burnt but I pressed forward determined to not stop until this body gives me no choice! 

So happy for this quick, small awesome 1 miler tonight! It meant so much!!! Happy Friday….keep on fighting the good fight!!!!


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