***Me Me Me***

Today marks the beginning of week two since my first Simponi Aria infusion. So far so good….fingers crossed and prayers for continued success!

I am really staying focused on my own well being these days which is really different for me. In the past, my “M.O.” was caretaker of all people places and things……..except me. As a result of a lack of self care I fell apart when things went in a direction that wasn’t fitting into my plan. 

I lost myself completely during my husbands battle with drugs and alcohol. For a decade I tried to get him sober and keep him employed while raising children, working full time and taking care of the home and bills…there was no me left by the time all of these things were handled in a day.

When he found sobriety in 2004 I sought my own help which planted a seed of self love and rediscovery of who I was. I won’t bore you with the details but life was a roller coaster even through his sobriety. (That will be a story for another day)

In 2014, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis which came after 6-9 months of nonstop X-rays, lab work, doctors appointments, insurance calls and waiting waiting waiting. I was devastated after the diagnosis… All I could think of was one day being in a wheel chair watching the world walk past me. I spent some time in self pity but then began my own reading and research of this disease. I was afraid but I knew I could do this…. I immediately wanted to begin biologics but HMO insurance requires a different plan. One and a half years of medication swaps,  side effects, ineffective treatment, treatment that worked then tapered off, pills, injections, lab work, insurance submissions and more X-rays I am finally able to tread the path I hoped for in 2014. 

In the past I rarely went to the doctor, exercised, chose healthier foods, stood up for myself or spent time working on things for me.

Today it is different, I look out for me which in turn is really helping my family. If I am healthier and happier they see that and the mood in the home is more peaceful and productive. 

I thank God every time I hit the pavement for a run no matter how easy or hard. Every time I run I think of all of those with debilitating arthritis and other diseases or situations that prevent them from the ability to move their bodies the way I get to today. I run today because one day I may not be able to!  Sometimes it’s ok to be all about Me Me Me because then I am in a better place emotionally spiritually and physical to care for the other people places and things in my life!

What have you done for yourself today? I pray it is something healthy happy and amazing just for you! ❤️🙏💪🏻


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