Simponi Aria Day 1

April 25, 2016 

I have been waiting for this day for almost a month. Insurance approved and first infusion session was scheduled. I also agreed to participate in a study for my infusions. 

I was taken to a room and then visited by my rheumatologist who asked a series of questions about how I felt. He checked my joints and felt them. I asked him about the effectiveness of this treatment with plaquenil (I do not take methotrexate as it wiped me out early in my diagnosis to the point of not wanting to get out of bed). The decision was made to continue with the plaquenil with Simponi Aria and if the results are not what we hope we will re-introduce methotrexate and see what happens.

After the assessment by my Dr., he filled out forms for the study and shook my hand. The nurse and the infusion specialist entered, I was given ibuprofen and Claritin. The nurse had me filling out the questionnaire for the study…mostly how I was feeling and how my joint pain effects everyday life. The infusion specialist looked at my veins said I have good veins ( I hydrated as much as possible prior) he cleaned the site and inserted the IV….he then said it would have been funny if I missed after that comment…. We all laughed and I said funny for WHO?? I thanked him for making me laugh…. It really eased my stress about the whole thing. The IV was started… I finished the questionnaire, did some reading, added a photo to insta for my rheumatoidrunner profile and boom I was done! 

I went back to work, feeling the same as I had for the past few weeks, not that great. I went home after work took a 4 mile run….which felt great mentally….I am so pumped with hope that this treatment will work I was super motivated!!! 

I slept pretty darn good but it took a while to get comfortable and fall asleep (pretty normal for me) slept pretty good with the exception of one nightmare. 

Up this morning not quite as stiff as usual  and still feeling hopeful. I am looking forward to the next few weeks as I have read that is when others have seem improvement… infusion in Four weeks then every Eight weeks! I like the sound of that!!!


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